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Private servers / kicking players as they wish for loot. Exploit.
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(public/Veteran) - 1 DayZ (Public/Veteran Server) Private Server - We Kick
IP : : 2302

(public/Veteran) - 1 (Public/Veteran Server) QC YOU WILL BE KICKED
IP: : 2302

The above servers act as farming servers to gather gear, handful a people are allowed in, others are kicked as soon as you get in. They will restart server as they wish for gear. Clear exploit and shouldn't be allowed.


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Join the servers and see for yourself.

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Hopefully in the future private server characters will not carry over to public servers.

wait right now private servers you can join and then go into a public thats lame

I seriously hope once they fix this, they perform a wipe.

They must suck pretty bad if they are literally taking the time out of their day to simply farm loot.

FinKone added a subscriber: FinKone.May 8 2016, 3:23 PM

They just need to fix it, a wipe is not needed, its only Alpha.

Corrective action should be taken though to stop this from going on.


Stevez added a subscriber: Stevez.May 8 2016, 3:23 PM

This is issue of bad idea of loot spawn system. Loot spawn only once, so at evening you have to go to another server to find something that other players have not found yet.
For instance, we have 3 rifles on one server. 5 people connect to server and 3 of them find rifles. After some gaming they disconnect and other 2 guys are on server without loot. If you play enough you will find out that there is no loot on south on popular servers. Sometimes there is no loot even on north.

The accounts that use these servers should get month-long bans.

Rusk added a subscriber: Rusk.May 8 2016, 3:23 PM
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All this was to be expected and is not a big deal.

Corrective action will be taken in whatever shape. But since we are at the very beginning of Alpha I doubt there is enough data collected to algorithmically identify people such as combat loggers, server hoppers et cetera.

As for those that lock down a server and use it as a safe haven to gear up I would assume simply having all servers sent their public/private status to the central hive would be enough to exclude those from the whitelist/make characters on those servers not sync with the main hive.

That doesn't take away from the hilarity and utter stupidity of people that actually run around on a locked and empty server and collect loot all day to possibly have a big showdown on a proper server later that they will most likely lose because they otherwise suck at the game. Its the same old story...

edit: Oh I just took the time to properly read the ticket. Well I guess reporting such behavior is a good first step and I am sure they will be dealt with according to the severity of their own actions.

Look at this one guys, they all deserve ban just for the chosen server name:

(Public/Veteran) - 1 [ILL] YOU WILL BE KICKED DONT JOIN [dayz] DayZ

What we really need is a very basic service either in game to report these servers, or on this website to submit them.

latz added a subscriber: latz.May 8 2016, 3:23 PM

Some people want to survive only with their friends. It's normal to create your own server for your friends. It's not good to leave it without password, but don't join and you will be alright.

and its a 1 person server quite sad as they could use it to ghost easily

SmashT added a subscriber: SmashT.May 8 2016, 3:23 PM

You can report it to the GSP. - people don't get kicked (at least we didn't) but the server restarted every 4-5min with 5 other people online. imo clearly a farming server.

dsmokey added a subscriber: dsmokey.May 8 2016, 3:23 PM

To be honest its their servers and their right to do what they want to with them so if u dont like it you should set one up. I understand most of the point here that they are just for farming etc but if i had a clan server etc we might join up in 2 groups and play agains each other a death mach and presence of others would be an interferance so its highly debatable. Theres still loads of other servers anyway and people joining servers with few people are going for farming loot too so their fustration is not that somone is getting more loot is their cry that they are getting less so it highly hipocritical.

i think privat servers are ok, if they are not connected to the hive. that's shit. of course there are also server hoppers which is as shitty.
i really hope that they do something against that.

"To be honest its their servers and their right to do what they want to with them so if u dont like it you should set one up."

Yeah, that's awesome dsmokey. However the gear they can obtain with practically zero effort can be used on other servers. Shortsighted much?

i often log these "we kick" servers just to see how long it takes to get booted... but in all honesty, out of at least 50 different tries logging them ive only been kicked once. its pretty cool actually, since the people on that server will usually assume you are a clan member and let you walk right up to them and feed them a bullet right to their heads. nice way to score some loot up.

confirmed. Seen and tried loads and loads of these servers. Clearly its abuse and semi-exploit

anything ive read on this topic from the dayz team has indicated that only allowing clan members to inhabit a server through either password protecting or kicking non members in a public service is not allowed, as it is considered a form of cheating (and really, it is)to create a public server for the express intent of having a place for you and your few friends to farm gear.

modi added a subscriber: modi.May 8 2016, 3:23 PM
modi added a comment.Jan 26 2014, 7:29 AM Server admin kicking immediately when you log in if you aren't in their clan.

Seen several of these servers. Hope to get a fix for this!

Brokunn added a subscriber: Brokunn.May 8 2016, 3:23 PM

Kicking players or even insinuating that players will be kicked violates the "Dayz Standalone Server Hosting Rules" found here:

WE (alpha testers) are the solution to this problem - read the details in the link and report abuse. This is not a bug/issue that belongs on the feedback site: it is the responsibility of the server host to take action.


Is it a option to remove the password/ kick options for server admins for now.

Password on the server:

It shouldn't be possible to set a password on the server if it's not allowed by the rules at this time**;
I just did a count just before posting, 13 servers with a password on it and 9 servers with 'literally' the words join=kick in the server name. (even more server if u count in o=0 I=! Etc.) 21 servers, that's only a fraction of the servers listed, so this is a minor 'issue' I reckon, but still annoys me like hell every time.

I don't mind privet server, I even support it, if it is for setting up/ protecting a community, and to be honest they pay good money for hosting the server in the end.
But if there are only <5 (did use ~number before but that did give me a strange link like this: ~5) people connect to a server with a password on it (99,9% of them) it's for gearing up and getting a advantage over the 'regular' people playing.

**Just remove the password option until it's sorted to exclude those server characters from the 'main' hive:

Kick option for server admin:

It's being abused if u asked me (no one is asking me :) ) I got kicked from several servers and since it only allowed to use a certain circumstances. ( It's only possible to figure out who your dealing with if the person is unconscious or death (checking pulse), and the can only bother u when you are in the 'area' and the if the 'abuser' is death or unconscious (< Kill it) the change of running into them again is slim. (Make it a option to report people that abuse, and investigate/ auto temp ban when a certain ammount of individeal reports a player)

Hey everyone,

As Brokunn mentions, please report "kick" servers directly to the server hosts.

Where to to send your server reports:

Fragnet: or submit a ticket to their abuse department

If you don't know which GSP the offending server is rented from, just send the report to all of them and they'll sort it out themselves.

  • Remember to include the IP and port numbers, the server name is not enough*

You find these numbers by highlighting the server in the server browser, then selecting 'Detail' at the lower right. If you can't remember which server you were playing on, you can find it under the 'History' tab. (