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Shovels knock players out in one shot.
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I was playing with my friend, we were looting Zelenogorsk. Then my friend gets knocked by another player. The player hit him once with a shovel, just like that he was knocked out, and my friend was even wearing a pristine ballistic helmet + he was at full hp... Then the player with the shovel starts sprinting towards me, he is like 20m away and i shoot him right in the stomach with my mosin, but he just keeps sprinting towards me and knocks me out as well. I am also wearing a pristine ballistic helmet, but he knocked me out in one shot, just like my friend... This dude took a bullet in the stomach, and just kept running like nothing hit him + he knocked me and my friend out with one shot to each of us, even though we were both wearing a ballistic helmet. YOU NEED TO CHANGE SOMETHING.


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Stevez added a subscriber: Stevez.May 8 2016, 3:22 PM

Sounds like he hit you both in the face (not on your helmet). Some of his items most likely absorbed the bullet (they were probably all ruined!) Seems like you two need to be more careful.

If you wanted to continue this bug report you should test it out properly like this:

Devata added a subscriber: Devata.May 8 2016, 3:22 PM

Had the same with somebody with a bat and on my screen he even nearly hit me at all. At best he scratched my arm, I was looking down dropping something for him (never help people) but I was knocked out immediately also wearing protecting armor (not in pristine condition but also not ruined).

Another time somebody hit me in the back with an ax and I was just bleeding however all my magazines I had in my pants where broken. The stuff in my backpack (where he hit me on my screen) was still fine.

So it's all a little random.

drcali added a subscriber: drcali.May 8 2016, 3:22 PM

The ballistic helmet doesn't protect against shock damage - just ballistic and bleed. The motorcycle helmet does protect against shock and thus should prevent you from getting knocked out easily.


The bug-report was about a shovels easily knocking someone out with one blow. Even with a bat that would be extremely hard also without protection. The fact that it even hit somebody out with protection was just additional information.

However about that. A ballistic helm should also protect from should also protect against a shock. Stopping a bullet with your head will result in a big shock, most likely a heavier shock then getting a bat hit against it. So a ballistic will not only just stop the bullet (ballistic damage) but will also absorb much of the shock.

However if the ballistic helm does not do that another bug-report might need to be created for that.

This bug-report mainly states that melee-weapons are to powerful being able to simply hit somebody out with one blow. And yes theoretically it would be possible but in reality you will always be able to defend yourself with your hands and so it will be near to impossible to hit somebody out in just one blow even without him wearing protection.

I usually have to hit many times, I once tried to kill enemy dude with a gun, obviously tried to kill me, so I started without hesitation hit him, dunno if I punched him, but had a mask from Pay Day game and military helmet if I'm not mistaken, but I don't know if it's possible to knock out someone with single hit with shovel, kinda makes sense if you can, cause DayZ items works in "sense" way, some logic factors are working there.

It makes sense from a theoretical viewpoint but in reality you would automatically cover your head when you are attacked and thats something thats not possible / won't happen in a game so you have to compromise that.

In reality you will pretty much never be able to knock somebody out with one blow because he will block it with his hand and even a direct hit to the head would only work if it's at the correct location, in most cases it would still not just knock you out. It can but won't happen very often.

About being able to hit somebody out or now. It depends on where game game thinks you hit him. When it happened to my on my screen he only scratch my arm but apparently according to the game he hit me right in the head.

In your example on your screen you might have hit him into the head while according to the game you didn't. Thats why you where not able to knock him out.

Especially when targets are moving there might be a difference in what you see and what the games registers.

This video also shows how overpowered melee is
No way that you could so easily knock somebody out in reality especially not when he had a gun but handling a gun in a game does have it's extra difficulties while melee seems to be overpowered. Put the two together and this is what you get.

It's something that has to be still balanced.

Here another video:
And there are many video's like this popping up of people showing how 'great' they are with melee weapons. However, in reality they are not so great, it's just way overpowered.

Not exactly a bug, I think it is intended. That is, the getting knocked out by a shovel. Shovels however suck against zombies.

The bug I see here is that the ballistic helm doesn't protect against it which does not make much sense.

I think its fair that a melee hit from behind would KO someone in 1 hit, but I think in a face to face confrontation its reasonable to believe it would be hard to land a blow like that with a bat or shovel - thus maybe work that consideration into the game, and melee damage localized to the front takes more than one hit.

I think that the fact that most melee weapons that are ineffective against zombies can knock you out in one hit doesn't make sense.

I was wearing a gas mask and a ballistic helmet and this guy came up to me and he hit me in the head while directly looking at me. I have a similar gas mask (or I think it's similar) in my home and its made out of pretty hard material. And since the ballistics helmet can protect you from a 5.56 round which has a high amount of hydraulic shock I don't believe that person would've been able to knock me out. So why did I get knocked out?

I think they should add a protection multiplier to helmets and such. Or maybe they would add a damage multiplier when you hit a person at the back of their head. That would ease things up a bit. But despite all these small bugs we find, I am very very pleased the way the game is going :)

pbrunk added a subscriber: pbrunk.May 8 2016, 3:22 PM

hu on my imortal player, long story, it took about 5 hits to fall unconscious with a bat. spades should be one hit because it would be.

I submitted a report that the ballistic helmet provides no shock protection yesterday