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Character Reset
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I have been testing what makes your character reset (when not wanted) and it seems to be logging out on the "please wait" screen. It is OK to log out on the "waiting for server" screen but if you exit on the "please wait" one you are going to respawn on the shore on your next connect.


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The difference is if you press esc the "respawn" button is highlighted and availible to click on the "please wait" screen. (I think the game basically thinks you are in an "unconsious" state but I'm just speculating)

On rare occasions the screen gets stuck on "please wait" while logging in, if you are patient this should eventually (after 40-120secs) either log in or auto disconnect (which is safe and wont lose you your character.)However I have on one occasion been glitched on this screen while logging in (I know it was glitched cos the screen went blue instead of the usual black and I waited 3mins with nothing happening) and I lost my save when I exited.

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I also believe bodys are dissapearing when someone exits the server, It's quite annoying killing a guy and not being able to loot. If they click "respawn" it seems to stay. Problem is 9/10 servers the respoawn button doesnt load and just stays on a "please wait" black screen. Either way can you make bodys stay please :)

Also as you will know combat logging is a huge problem but mostly being exploited by switching server, moving to a position behind you then switching back to kill you from behind. I know you have fixed loads of hacking and some serious admin abuse by having the global hive. I had an idea though that maybe servers could save information of your current location privately. I'm not sure how this would work and if it would cuase other exploits to become availible to admins/hackers but it would solve the huge amount of people currently server hopping for better gear/to get kills.

Hope this helps

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Hi! Absolutely right! I lost my char....
People, be care! Wait for connect to servers, don't push "Esc" button!
Sorry for bad eng, hope u will fix that bug.

P.S. R.I.P. character.

check if you dont log in devs servers, the dev server overwrite your save.

While rare, a few friends and I have also had our characters reset while having a red chain in a server. This has happened a few times, and once the red chain is done I will be dead and my body nonexistent on the server. My best guess is if the server takes too long to find information for your character, it will just overwrite it with new information essentially killing your character immediately once reconnection is established.

@Geez hi ^_^

May be close this ticket like as obsolete?