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[Feature Request] Character Progression - to make your avatar mean something more than the gear
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DayZ at the moment suffers from what I feel is an imbalance:
Gear is more important than people.

I would like to see Character Progression in DayZ but done in a transparent/invisible way rather than the traditional RPG way of stats and figures (at least in what's presented to the player, the back-end will always need stats)

What I'm proposing is character progression across varied skills that would actually give value finally to people, which I believe is sorely missing in this game.
Instead of currently where players focus on loot quality, character progression would allow players to finally focus on player quality and what a player can offer you in a given situation rather than what gear you can get off their cold dead corpse.


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What I perceive this to look like:
On the inventory screen, a section at the bottom titled say: Character Abilities.
Then a brief description of a set of abilities outlining each one such as follows:
Stamina - You have very little stamina and cannot jog for very long or carry very much.
Medical - You excel at medical procedures
Stealth - You have mastered the ability to creep without barely making a sound.
Hygiene - You have average abilities in maintaining cleanliness of equipment and tends to use more disinfectant than required.
Mechanical - You struggle with anything mechanical

How do you increase your abilities?
By surviving and carrying out actions on yourself, other players and items in the environment. The more you do these tasks, the better you become.
I have to caveat that with this:
Its takes A LONG TIME to progress, possibly months or even say a year to reach the top tier of skill/ability. I would hate to see character progression as something that could be maxed out in a week or a month.

How this would change the experience:
Squads could specialise into focused individuals, such as medic, mechanic, pilot, CQC weapons, sniper, thief, etc etc.

The lone wolf would be able to do the same and be able to negotiate services to others as a trade for items etc.

Your character would have value above and beyond just the gear in your backpack.

With the information on your abilities in your inventory screen it would make joining squads or squad recruitment outside the game easier and more viable as you would essentially have a CV you could give to prospective players to show your worth.

Bottom line:
As a person currently in DayZ, you are worthless. Your gear has all the value. This needs to change, the people need to hold the most value over gear and items

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"Its takes A LONG TIME to progress, possibly months or even say a year to reach the top tier of skill/ability"
I think then it would be almost impossible to max out any ability... Have any of your characters last a year without dying?

Expect from this, I like the idea very much.

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Its just a suggestion. The whole point is to make the player MORE valuable than the gear. If you care more about your character than the gear then you will look after him better, maybe not make rush judgements and apply more thought to how you traverse the environment. There may be no reason then why you could not survive for months etc.

again, its a thought process rather than a finished system.

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I'm not sure if this exact implementation is the way to go, but one thing is certain. Characters definitely need more value.

Players need a firm reason to never consider simply killing their character and collecting their items from the corpse.

I will never agree with something like that.
If you need to improve your character grinding or farming then you have to follow a different path and play other games such as jrpg or mmorpg.
Is not important how many time is needed to gain skills, the concept of skills are wrong (and will be everytime someone that will succed to cheat on gain). It seems to read about call of duty where you can choose from a pool of abilities that make character basically super hero.
We are talking about dayz, i don't wanna see "invisible and silent ghost players" going around the map stabbing map just because they have mastered some abilities, i don't wanna see iron man people keep running with never stop, etc etc.
Dayz is a simulation, you can not be a ghost, you cannot be an iron man...and it is stupid suppose that someone will make a lot of noise while sneaking because "he doesn't know how to make lower noise".

Except of equipments, the characters are the same yes but players not.
Every players approach the same problem with different ways ad tactics, each player has a different aim skill, different mouse skills, etc.

I don't like the idea that a character is more "stronger" than others just because he spent time online doing the same action 10000 times and now he will get good results just pressing a button; i like the idea that a player is more skilled than others because he spent time dealing with the environment.
For that reason i will hope that new features will be added such as wind for ranged shot and everything that could make the simulation experience much more hard, real and intensive.

Concerning the players interaction and the end game, a way could be give the possibility to set up gangs and capture/accupay buildings to build a proper base (maybe where is possible to have a farm or something like that). Base must be always conquerable in any time.

My personal idea.

I like the idea of giving your characters more meaning but the skill thing would be an open invite for hackers to bust a nut. Now Ive seen another report for beards, this is the way to give your character meaning. Grab a machete and carve yourself a sweet beard to show folk how long youve been alive... Ive considered the idea of skillbooks which would be easier to implement but again would ruin what DayZ is at its core... a survival sim