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Zombie Aggro Range When Player is Prone
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This bug essentially boils down to the player's aggro radius for zombies being massively higher when prone while moving, as opposed to when crouched while moving. I have had zombies from ~200 yards away run towards me when I swap to prone from crouch, even when I'm inside a house.


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I can confirm this problem, zombies seem to suddenly notice you when you go prone. For me it happened when I tried to hide myself behind a rock after spotting a player. 3 zombies showed up walked right past the other player straight for me.

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I've noticed zombie agro to be generally messed up. Sometimes I will run through multiple buildings and break the line of sight many times and create a huge amount of distance, yet the zombies still follow. Sometimes they stop for a moment, but even if you are on the other side of a large field they still chase you.