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HDR - Look at ground, everything gets bright, look at sky everything gets dark -
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This has been around since Arma 2 and it's terrible and annoying. When looking straight ahead the world looks like it is 30% darker, then I look at the ground and the world looks normally bright or brighter and if i look at the sky it gets really dark.

I understand the looking at the sky darkness but this needs to be fixed because i hardly look at the sun. At least let us turn it off completely


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HDR can't be turned off, and poorly optimized, its always happening

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Pupils dilate and constrict depending on the light source?

This is a game feature not a bug, I haven't noticed it myself so I don't think it is that dramatic, maybe it just seems a little sudden to you and they could, in a much later patch, include a fade time between the brightness changes?

Working as intended. HDR only takes into account range of brightness in the current fov, and then scales accordingly.

The problem here is not that the adjustment exists, it's that it has been poorly implemented. When you look at the ground irl it does not appear to glow.

adaptation scales are odd in dayz - fact... human eye doesnt react that way

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Light doesn't act as it sometimes does in DayZ or I'm living in some parallel universe. Yeah, when you come from a dark room to a well lit place, it will seem very bright at first and vice versa - when going from a bright place to a dark one it will feel very dark. HOWEVER, walking through a forest and just turning your head 5 degrees or so or looking down/up should NOT result in your surroundings lighting up/darkening substantially. That's just not right and yeah, it's very annoying. There should be an option to just turn off HDR completely.

nifrek added a subscriber: nifrek.May 8 2016, 3:19 PM

Problem is that it acts more like a camera set to auto-exposure than it acts like eyes. As far as I know HDR = High Dynamic Range which means it should simulate more.. seeing more dynamic range. Which means sky shouldn't turn white when looking down at ground nor ground should turn super dark when looking at sky, it should keep contrast pretty even.

That being said, I have not exactly noticed when it happened, but it looks much better in recent alpha builds (at least for me, sky never turns white like it used to and ground doesn't lose as much detail), I assume they are actively working on it.