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Spending too much time in Feedback Track, not enough in game!
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I come to the Feedback Tracker with every intention of only posting a v. small bug report but get drawn in like a moth to a bonfire and lose the next 4 hours of my life to chasing tracked items and links.


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  1. Open web browser of choice
  2. Go to:
  3. See something in the feedback that REQUIRES comment

x) What! Where'd that time go?

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I've tried everything. Even closing my web browser only helps for a short time. I can fire up DayZ for a little bit of serious survivor business, but I'll eventually come across a small bug or item that just needs to be submitted immediately, and I'm back in the Feedback Tracker again.

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I should clarify a little. I don't think this is a DayZ issue per se, as I believe this was also an issue for me during the ArmA3 alpha/beta as well.

The only way forward, as I see it:

  1. Cancel christmas
  2. Double... TRIPLE the dev team
  3. Fix ALL the bugs in DayZ

then we can just get on with playing the game.

It's a pity only 1) and 2) are realistic.

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Perhaps we should set up some kind of support group?

this is not a bug, close the issue

this game will never get finished if people keep abusing the feed back tracker.

look up ladders, or loadout in the search bar, it's getting rediculous

Lighten up DuoBlackrose, this was only meant as a lighthearted attempt to distract people from the real work being done and maybe put a little bit of humour into their day.

Be assured that this small aside will not distract Rocket and the Rocketts (i.e. the Dev team from their v. important work.)

Yeah, what he ^^ said :)

I can't see why this is a bug , complaints should be kept for personal comment
and be left aside to strive in making this a better game as a whole community..


^Hmm, it logged me out when i wrote that -.-

You've been banned, mate. You've upset the gods of serious error reporting.

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Nihi added a comment.Dec 31 2013, 3:22 PM

Well i definitely prefer to read a report like that than 'zombie glitched through a wall' or 'floating loot at zub castle' for the billionth time...
Thumbs up. :-)

Glorious! XD

Sorry, but can't deny myself a big fat smile here.



@DJPorterNZ: You only lose 4 hours of your time? I consider that a major issue. I will have a chat with our web designers and tell them they need to implement subliminal messages that will force you to spend at least 12 hours a day here.

Although that would probably work the same way with me. Hmm..

Reading the same stuff the billionth time is annoying - agreed.
Spending <b>too much</b> time in the feedback tracker - can't agree.

Firstly, this is what the Alpha was intended to be for - to report bugs and provide <i>feedback</i>.

Secondly, if somebody is gets upset by zombies glitching through walls or getting killed by an opening door or other "bs", he/she shouldn't have bought the Alpha - my opinion.

And thirdly, nobody forces you to provide feedback. If you simply want to play then just do it. ;-)