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Being able to vote for admin commands on servers
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Using server vote commands which allows you to use restart/admin/ban/kick.


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While in direct communication type #vote "commandhere" and you will use that admin power. e.g. #vote restart.

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Considering there isn't a global communication system, this vote system would not work. In addition to that, considering the size of the server and how rare someone would encounter someone they would consider kicking/banning, how would a consensus be gotten? Also, Dean and the hive have dictated that admins are not allowed to kick/ban until further notice so this feature would be unsuitable to implement.

Well the vote system certainly does work you can try it yourself if you like. People can also abuse the loot system by restarting a server using the vote command and then to re loot the place they just looted.

Then why would a vote system like that be suitable? So they can abuse loot spawns?

I'm reporting something that is already implemented? I don't understand why you think I'm asking them to implement this? This is a bug reporting forum right?

I think you misinterpreted the title.

Haven't seen this used as an exploit yet, but better to patch the hole now before the deluge, right?

I think you're right Humble, I have not seen a vote command in use on Arma before. I will walk in shame with my ignorance <3

It's alright <3 XD

But yes, definitely should get rid of vote commands for the very reason you said humble about loot spawn abusing!

This could be as easy as putting 'voteThreshold=2;' in the server.cfg file. (i.e. a vote needs 200% of the players to vote for an action.) People can still vote 'early and often' but with no effect. see for description of this parameter.

At the moment you only need 1 guy to vote for something and it happens. If ONE guy writes #vote restart the server instantly restarts.