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m4a1 is broken
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So the m4a1 is totally busted, I try to shoot something 200m with an m4a1 acog. My m4 is full quality and so is my scope. And it's not only the acog, iron and red dot is also crap. The shots spread like suppression in BF3.

Here is a video proving:


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I think its intended, trying to keep KoS from happening. I don't like it, I put too much faith in the M4 and usually die because I'm used to the accuracy of the weapon in BF4, feels like I'm shooting a shotgun in DayZ with that spread. xD

Confirmed. Accuracy is horrible.

More info required

What info is needed? A fully functional m4 with pristine sight is inaccurate... Either that's how they intended it or the stats lie. The mosin is 100% accurate at 600m with long range scope, so I doubt thats how its intended. M4 should be at least on target at 300m.

handgun is also inaccurate.

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It could also be because the FOV. If you changed the FOV you could be screwed because it will destroy the actually usability of scopes since it isn't accurately displayed after the FOV change

Not sure if I'm remembering correctly, but I seem to recall a similar issue in ArmA with the calibration of sights and scopes being screwed if you changed the fov. Try resetting it to default and test.

Never changed fov. It just has bad aim. Period. The discussion is wether or not it is intended. it could possibly be that the m4 has an incorrect spread or the damage function isnt working properly on the gun, sight, or ammo condition. Its like shooting a full auto muzzle loader from 1783.

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i guess its still the same mechanics as it was in arma 2. means that stamina and stance has much more effect than in other games (did you hold your breath?)

just my two cents... its still possible though that the accuracy is bugged

What do you mean inaccturate, as in bullet dropping or that the bullets are all over the place in the horizontal spectrum?

Saying it's "inaccurate" is a wide spectrum for speculation.

Good point, flexAUT. I've spent so much time in ArmA that I don't even think about things like that anymore, you just go crouched or prone and hold your breath to take the shot.

(Now if they'd just let me live long enough when I do get some ammo for my M4, maybe I could test this! Just saying KoS-play guy...)

Replicate: aim at a zombie at 200m...shoot you miss miserably a large % of the time. Bullet will not hit where sight is zeroed at. Not talking about's a randomness type of effect. Like throwing a dart at a dartboard with your eyes closed. If it's a steadiness issue, it shoukd still shoot straight from your barrel. But the issue is the barrel is pointed at the target... not sure how much clearer I can be.

Were you standing, crouched or prone. As stated, these directly affect the accuracy of weapons in the engine. If you make any shot at 300+ standing, you're going to miss with this engine. Crouched gets better results. Prone, and you have to go out of you're way to miss.

I dunno - I like it at the moment. There a ton of M4s making them inaccurate makes sense for the most common gun in the game. All of this can be adjusted when there are more guns in the game. (and then the M4 can be rare again).

I think crappy inaccurate weapons should be more available than highly accurate modern weapons.

I think there might be a bug out there because sometimes you just miss horribly at 50m when aim is centered on target. QAs should test m4 because it seems to happen only to it for now.

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This has already been reported elsewhere but is quite true. Round accuracy with all rifles is too low, regardless of stance, exhaustion. Bipod helps a lot but not enough.

Also, Here is my related post concerning sight picture:

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M4A1 is perfectly like it is! In real life it isn´t as accurate as you guys believe, Its not as accurate as an M16 f.e. because of its longer barrel which gives the bullet time to accelerate much more. We don´t need more overpowered completely accurate weapons that hit every shot. You wouldn´t hit every shot in real life too. I feel its the Mosin thats too accurate on ranges over 300m also.

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I had this problem too, but only with the CQB buttstock. It think it's intended as part of the negative side effects of various addons for weapons. With the normal stock it works like a charm on 300m.

I think both you guys have been smoking something funny, and I mean that in the nicest possible way.

Load up any other BIS game and see how these same weapons (or similar firing the same cartridge) work. You think a 20 inch vs a 15 inch barrel makes the difference between hitting spot on at 300m and hitting about 1 in 5? The dispersion is crazy, even with a rock-solid sight picture and no muzzle wave while aiming.

Of course it is possible to miss with an M4 at 300m...if you were out of breath from running or using standing stance, but then the game would warn you of your bad aim by having the sight picture wave around like crazy, which it just does not do.

This is broken, and it needs fixing before release. The crazy thing is that the arma series has been modelling this just fine for 12+ years.

Confirmed. Zeroing is broken too.

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Confirmed. Accuracy is complete junk needs to be revisted. Thank you

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M4's accuracy is fine point shooting at just under 600 meters

learn how the games attachments effect firing, and no just sticking any old random pristine crap on wont cut it.

confirmed: people don't understand the way the game works now with the attachment system.