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Open door icon, but can't actually open
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There's a recurring house where a door on the second floor won't open, despite having an "open door" icon. {F29042}


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Find the house, go up the stairs, and try to open the door.

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I've seen doors without handles, or locked doors or whatever, but this one is not like the others. It has a handle and gives you the "open door with scroll" icon, but the door doesn't actually open.

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you're seeing the "open door icon" for the door located beneath the one you're trying to open

this happens in several building models that have intentionally non functioning doors, and also happen to have a functioning door on the floor beneath.

go back to the building you describe and observe the floor below you... 100% there is a door there that you have been opening or shutting by trying to interact with the dead door above it

You can always tell a non-functioning door by it has no 3D door handle.