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[Suggestion] Some Items / Changes related to current items!
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Please comment and vote up would like to see a suggestion category added but for now [Suggestion].

1: Requires no new content just a suggestion to add the high power scope to the M4 family, Being that we have no DMR at the moment and that the scope looks as though it can be mounted Rail style I don't see why not!

1a: New content for the M4A1, It is wonderful what we have and I am super impressed but had some quick item to polish it off.

     Forgrip (magpul AFG, standard run of the mill one etc)
     Solid Stock / Marksman Stock (Old school M16A4 style stock to help with A DMR type setup)
     PVS-14 (This is an NVG system that can be used with red dots could be more common than actual NVG systems when implemented because of the disadvantage looking through the scope to get NV provides!)
     Drum Magazines (endgame style magazines for the M4)

Seeing as we only have the M4 and the Mosin at the moment it may be easier to expand it more than to make more weapons BUT I also understand they need to focus on broadening the spectrum of weapons in the game thus making this task actually a burden.

2: Fix Silencers currently sound is same regardless of condition or presence of one and zombies still aggro as if one is not attached

3: Molle style Vests / Backpacks, Love the system you have with weapons of peicing them together per se. Extend that over to backpacks and vests buy allowing us on MOLLE Vests to add pouches we find to expand the INV slots on those items
EX: Base MOLLE pack 16 slots, Medical Pouch +6 slots, Double Mag pouch + 4 slots single +2, Utility Pouch + 10 Molle Holster +4etc etc etc same pouches can be places on vests OR backpacks as MOLLE/PALS is universal!! adds stuff to the loot table, looks cool, people can customize to their needed size / capacity!

4: Drop leg systems, Love the chest holster but when upgrading to the vests I lose that capability maybe add the similar OVERLAY onto the legs allowing Drop leg MOLLE panels, Holsters etc. Can also to increase difficulty and loot items make holsters specific to each weapon, is common in real life for a glock holster not to fit an M9 especially if they are SERPA, Kydex etc style!

5: Filters for the gas masks

6: Headlamp should go OVER most of the headgear being that the bands are elastic! Feel like it taking all the head slots is preventing a lot of players from using them / taking a liking to them.

7: Obviously more weapons and clothing, people love to look cool! Name brands are cool or GTA style PUNS? Some South Face jackets etc would be funny! Same concept with the Food!

In closing Thanks for all you guys are doing the Alpha has turned out much better than anticipated, super excited to up that loot spawn to get the apartments the worth they deserve and by no means think the game is lacking just suggesting some cool concepts / fixes to help the creative flow! Feel free to chip in you own ideas for Items!


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Mate, I really like your suggestions.

But this is a bug tracker and reporting system, so a suggestion category would not belong here.

Please post suggestions into the forums at where they belong. :-)