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Forcing anti aliasing settings in AMD catalyst control center makes game look glitched
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It seems clear that making use of forced anti alising out of game is crippling the gameplay experience, as both player character figure and landscape ground surface will vanish from view.

AMD Morphological filtering does seem to work without anything glitching in game, but morphological filtering makes things at a distance look bad (blurred and less defined).

I am using a crossfire setup with two Radeon 7950 cards, but I suspect that this is not an issue with having crossfire enabled on my computer. {F29023}


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Steps To Reproduce

0) Turn off antialising in the DayZ client

  1. Close DayZ client if open
  2. Open AMD catalyst control center and create a profile for the DayZ executable found in the steam folder.
  3. Set 'anti-alising mode' to "override application settings" and enable ANY of the other settings for the anti alising.

3.1) If selecting "none" for 'anti-alising samples', then there is no glitch.

  1. Start DayZ client
  2. In the opening menu screen, observe how the character is missing and that the landscape ground is missing also. This glitched graphic is also an issue in game after joining a server.
Additional Information

I am using Crossfire with 2x AMD Radeon 7950 cards.
I am using Catalyst 13.11 drivers.
I am using profile in catalyst for the dayz executable.
I am using crossfire profile for Arma2 AO in catalyst control center.
I have not tested this with only one card.

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You should provide screenshots for visual reports like this.

Although, in this case, I'm not sure this tracker is the right place for this issue, as this seems to be a problem with something completely outside of the dev's control.

"(...) a problem with something completely outside of the dev's control."

They are in fact game developers. It is reasonable to think that they are required to know how their graphics engine work, and thus would be interested in trying to understand this issue as a technical problem and preferably try work to fix the issue.

I am pretty sure that games are developed for the software and hardware and not the other way around.

I uploaded an image. Note how the character figure is missing entirely and how the ground surface is misssing in the foreground.

R834 added a comment.Dec 23 2013, 1:14 PM

OK, but from what I'm seeing in your report, the issue is caused entirely by a third party anti-aliasing method, and can be solved by simply turning that off.

Surely this is a problem with AMD's AA rather than a problem with DayZ?

No, this foremost remain a problem with the development of DayZ any which way you twist that last sentence of yours around, because of the simple fact that I raised it as a problem.

In this case, me having voiced a concern for not being able to use out of game anti alising options, I have to say it would be disingenuous to use the word "problem" as a metonymy for any technical 'issue' as such.

If the developers simply do not want to be bothered with this, then ofc there would be no point in me raising this issue.

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Well, hopefully a dev will show up and chip in at some point.

not dev's Problem, because Drivers work on a very low Level, overriding everything you set up in a Piece of Software, which is a case here. if you search on the web, this Problem appears in many games. everywhere devs suggest to disable this feature

*This* problem has been raised in this bug tracker. You are confusing this problem with a similar problem elsewhere.

In all fairness, I have read about such an issue earlier: specifically like when a game developer develops a shader that don't fully work together with forced anti alising settings outside the game. I was hoping that if the devs had a good idea as to why the glitch is happening, then perhaps they already would how to fix it, if only for now.

People and individuals are not problems.
Burning houses, accidents and natural disasters are not really problems either.
Problems are problems, because they are raised as such.


I have discussed this issue with our programmers and they are saying that the problem is not on our end. This is an issue with the Catalyst drivers themselves. Please do not override the game settings in the drivers, the game should work just fine if you just use game settings.

This issue will hopefully be fixed in the next release of the Catalyst drivers.

Thank you for your feedback!