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Swimming in a pound/lake drops items
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When I was in a lake/pound (whatever you want to call it) I began to swim, guess I went in to far. When I started to swim I saw a floating pistol, then a floating M4. I asked my buddy if he saw it and he did not. I then checked my inventory and saw my pistol and M4 where gone. To my buddy my character looked to still have a pistol and M4, but in reality I did not. Also I was unable to loot my m4 and pistol back. My buddy could not even see them in the pound. So I just lost the loot.

Also not sure if it is only happening with weapons.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. find a pound
  2. swim in it
  3. lose loot
  4. Cant get loot back
  5. So far I have only been able to reproduce it with a pistol and M4

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A friend lost all his bag in the sea but back on land after some minutes the bag suddenly came back.

please up vote if this is happening to you. I tried it again today and can confirm it happens in the ocean as well

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This was a server setting in the mod... which may very well be a server setting now and not exactly a bug. This may not be on purpose, although it may be to make you think twice or take precautions before swimming.

Thanks for the response man, I realize it was a setting in the mod however, the visual bugs in this are still a bug, and not being able to get the loot back seems to be a bug when the option to pick up X is stated (while not swimming just standing)

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Same thing happens to me, but with M4 and Backpack. Easily reproducible as it happens every time I swim. After a short while the items will return to me at almost random.

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had it happen to me, the only thing i can think to add was when i climbed out of the sea, all items came back to me.. apart from anything you "threw" out.

Same issue happened to me, although I was able to recover my stuff by staying in the water long enough and leaving. Weird bug.

In version 0.35.115188 this bug was repeatable for me when entering the water. I could see some gear floating in the water, but the gear eventually returned to me when I reached land. I lost my M4, and backpack, then it returned after being on land for a moment.