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Water ponds/fountains allow spamming of drinking water without infection
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You find a water fountain or a pond and scroll wheel 'drink'. This can be spammed hundreds of times allow the players water levels to be filled up rapidly making drinks unneeded. You can run from city to city repeating this and you will never have to find soda cans or water bottles. This is incredibly OP and there should be a chance of getting infected from these sources.


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I feel the same, drinking from wells is overpowered. I don't think I've had to use canteen or water battle since (about last 20 hours of gameplay) this well spamming became available/to my knowledge. Waterbottles and cantees are somewhat useless at the moment because of this. Never tried ponds though as I would guess that you'll get chance to get sick from that water.

Probably something they just haven't put in yet, which is why the water purification tablets don't do anything yet. Future feature more than likely.

I think ponds should be risky, but wells?
Wells are built to supply you with drinkable water. As long as the ground water isn't contaminated a closed well with a handpump is a source of drinkable water.