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No other channels than Direct...why ?
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It seems that there is only one chat channel, only able to chat in "direct" mode (Direct Communication), but not in Global or any other.


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Try to press the keys that you have for your channel switching/changing, default is "," and ".". To change them, go to Configure --> controls... --> Assignment... --> change to Multiplayer --> find a line where you can change communication way.

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It's easy to implant such code, and it's not there, yet, there is fixed that you can take out weapon while running...that's awkward change which is simple coding. Without chat gameplay seems boring, no social communication between players and making sure of issues, it would be great way of asking if others have had such problem and if there is a reason to report at all later.

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There is no other channels than direct in the game, its feature and not a bug.

Only 1 channel available.

Then...should I change title and info to "add other channels" ? :D seems legit to do so.

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No, you shouldn't as it is not an issue.

Then why have those keys bound in the keybinds menu? Remove the option, stop the confusion.

This is a thing which should be made while polishing the game. Very minor problem. It is almost raw ArmA2's engine with few additions so keymapping is almost the same as in original Arma2.

@wirher It's not ArmA's 2 engine, it's Arrowhead Engine, more likely the same as Take on Helicopters, only heavily modified specifically to DayZ standards.
It is minor problem, and I'm not bragging about, I only wish that somebody would notice this thing and implant it as soon as possible, not in a hurry, but when possible, cause what's so hard to implant a chat channel ? one of the easiest codes, so that's why I'm wondering and wrote this "issue"... if you can call it one.
Easiest stuff should be implanted/coded from the start, but they are not, kinda weird from one side, at least they made one channel, which is enough, but without global chat and no action DayZ seems boooooring as hell.

Just run, search for items that 20% is guaranteed to be in town at all. Simply booring, but I kinda play sometimes, but I wont play till there wont be newer patch than current ---> 30.113860. Maybe there is already, have to check, but I won't play, if this number will be shown above, cause I literally see all issues here and read most popular and newest issues that mostly are the same as older ones, there is no use of playing and testing while there isn't new patch.
+ It's weird that they fixed the way you take out your weapon, now it's possible to run at take it out, before you couldn't, and people reported about it, but such thing as normal chat is still missing, why ? I see it awkward and weird.

Because it's ridiculous having Side and Global chat where people can spam constantly with childish statements or pathetic bandit attempts, the same is supposed to be immersive.

This is not a bug, and absolutely do not bring Side or Global back.

Direct is all we need, use teamspeak if you're playing with friends. Do not bring back global or side chat.

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+1. Would be very sad to see those annoying side chat with those childish shoutings "Who's in Cherno?". I hope that all that spam will go via the radio aka. walkie-talkie, that everyone will be able just not to pick up and not bother himself with those annoying things. Moreover, isn't it more realistic??

@smaddeus, oh, so ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead is not an ArmA 2?
ArmA 2 and ArmA2: Operation Arrowhead both uses "Real Virtuality 3" engine. Please, do some research before proving anything.

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Not having any other channels has a number of reasons. For one it greatly helps immersion, avoids griefing (a lesson learned from the mod) while laying the ground work for things such as in-game remote communication beyond direct communications range facilitated by radios and walkie-talkies.

@wirher, you should read carefully what main developers are even saying lol :D
"DayZ Standalone utilizes the Take On Helicopter engine, which is a branch of the Arma II Operation Arrowhead engine Real Virtuality. The engine has been heavily modified even including code from ARMA III. "

Please, do some research yourself.

@ everyone - option to turn off if you don't want to hear...who is making you to read btw ? Don't read if you don't have to, don't answer if you don't have to.
And where's written that it is a bug ? It's not, from where do you guys taking info that I'm stating that it's a bug ? :D dafuq.

Just what we need... Someone in Side/Global swamping comms with chatter about nothing.

Aside: The other channels are only 'disabled' in the mission configs, atm. This may change if/when radios are introduced (or not).

I think that s normal because i found an walkie talkie so i suppose when you hâve it you can switch chanel, i think it s great for immersion :)

@smaddeus, "And where's written that it is a bug ?" Dude, this is a BUG TRACKER(OMG, HOW)
Doesn't change the fact, that game looks like Arma 2 OA and has same bugs in rendering pipeline. And this is still "Real Virtuality 3".

@DJPorter - There are walkie-talkie things, it was mentioned when someone asked some question about something, they will work in some medium or short radius, I think he mentioned about...1 km at the moment.

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Side text chat only could be useful during the debug process (this is an alpha after all) and then turned back off when radios appear.

Otherwise....get on TeamSpeak or similar.

Well, that was my intention, to have it for problem solving and such, easier communication, but I don't care if it'll be turned off or stayed, there are always options to choose from, there could be such option for server hosting at server setup, either make available all, few or one chat channel, that's all, and make for players to filter servers by these conditions too, like Battlelog if anyone here is playing Battlefield, cause it has amazing server filters.

This is DayZ which is a game about survival. Having a constant open world chat is just downright irritating and takes away from the game. If a world chat option is given then at the very least give us the option to turn it off. I don't want to have to sit there and read flamewars, racism, and kids who think they know better.
I really do enjoy that direct is the only communication right now.

Intended feature, frequency chats will be added when you have a working radio as well.