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Solution to "Server Hopping/Combat Logging"
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Noticed quite some reports about this issue, and it seems to become a bigger issue as time goes.
I probably dont need to explain this as most of you are already aware of what this problem is, so I'll get right to the point.

  • Server Hopping

Disable players from disconnecting from locations like Cities, Towns, Compounds, Airfields, etc.
(By putting triggers around cities and towns you could disable players from logging out if they are within their proximities)


  • Players will no longer be able to endlessly get the best gear from one location.
  • Players cant run through a city to the best loot building, switch server and lose everything chasing him (Players, Zombies)
  • You will not be shot by people popping up infront of you with M4s


  • Players in a hurry will have to walk to a place where they can log out, before being able to do so.
  • I can imagine it being frustrating to not be able to logout in places like towns, etc.
  • Players will probably still be able to loot the airfield, walk outside and switch server. But the progress will be hindered alot.
  • Combat Logging

Solution is very simple for this one.

Disable disconnecting when:

  • Shots are fired within X range
  • Any kind of injuries/damage is done
  • Players/Zombies within very close range. (0-50 meter)

Combine this with previous mentioned method on Server Hopping and you will fix a very great deal with Hopping & Logging


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People who disconnect (By Crashing, Alt+F4, Other) within cities triggers to be put outside the trigger fields. Removing the gear the got while inside is up to the developers. Personally wouldnt recommend it.

  • Post your opinion below! -

Provided an example of how it would look like if no-log zones were added. Marking the No-log zones with Red Circles.

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maxwell added a subscriber: maxwell.May 8 2016, 3:10 PM

I would realy recommend disabling ALT+F4 as a option to exit the game and the option to Alt-tab out of game (so player couldnt use online maps, cheat programms, or what ever)

Tschiff added a subscriber: Tschiff.May 8 2016, 3:10 PM

For combat logging I know the devs. have stated that they already have a system in place, it just isn't turned on in the alpha.
As for server hoppers, I don't know if they have a solution although I recall Dean mentioning something like a timer to join a server after logging out of a server, which would increase exponentially with every new server change. I do like your idea though, as it would not only stop those trying to get loot, but also those trying to ghost behind players (at least in towns). Ghosting: Get shot at by sniper on roof, exit server A, join server B, Climb onto roof where sniper was in server A, exit server B, join server A, shoot Sniper in the back.

horrible idea LOL

Volter added a subscriber: Volter.May 8 2016, 3:10 PM

The only way to fix this is to put some kind of a timer between servers and if the systems notices that a person changed servers multiple times in 5 minutes. Block the user from joining servers for 5 minutes (for example)

The logging thingy in a city is not a good idea at all. I personally think that the best idea is to force somebody to die after being shot and disconnected. If the person is wounded and he/she logs out the game the system would automatically "kill" that person and he/she would be "lootable"

i think this problem will be easyer fixed with a item "sleeping bag" if u sleep u can only disconnect surcefull and then nobody can spawn in front of u and kill u ,or disconnect while shooting . if a player disconnect like alt+f4 crash ec , he will stay as a died ppl on the server. and to thats sleeping bag the servers need to look how often a ppl switch last time , but pls add a timer in the serverlist , i need to switch often for find a day server.

kales added a subscriber: kales.May 8 2016, 3:10 PM
kales added a comment.Dec 22 2013, 9:04 PM

you can't prevent people from doing stuff too much it will anger players (this includes preventing logging out when they need to for work, supper, whatever)

Problem with rejoin time penalty is an unstable internet connection can make it impossible to play with a friend.

It needs to be a combination solution: if they logged out of server A, and try to rejoin server A in 15 minutes time but have moved 200m, put them back to where they were 15 min ago. Servers could track last known position and enforce it within a time frame. This prevents ghosting. The exponential for server hopping is smart, after a server or 2 they could be at a like 10 minute wait.

Johnkok added a subscriber: Johnkok.May 8 2016, 3:10 PM

I am looking forward to having the combat timer switched on as it was in Dayz Mod. Twice today I had the upper hand in a fight (once I had a wrench and the other guy a rifle). Hit him twice and he started bleeding so he logged out. When he logs back in all he will do is bandage himself then carry on. What a twat. Combat loggers are twats and cowards.

Lots of dangerous zombies would help as a deterrent.
They need to fix them though.

Naemort added a subscriber: Naemort.May 8 2016, 3:10 PM

The way to fix server hopping and especially combat logging is to add a ~20sec delay before you can log out. If you get damaged etc. the timer will reset. It's simple! :)

keypax added a subscriber: keypax.May 8 2016, 3:10 PM

The problem exists but your solutions are not good :(

GSparks added a subscriber: GSparks.May 8 2016, 3:10 PM

I agree with people who says that your solutions aren't good even tough the problem exists, at least for server hopping.

Is much more simple and convenient to do:

  • After exiting server A you can log you in the same server wherever you want, but in the other servers you'll have a 5min penalty.
  • the night/day problem of switching servers can be solved with a different passage of time. Maybe 2 days in DayZ to every day in real life. This is also better for people who can only play the game in a specific part of the day (I got to work, I only play at night) and don't want to keep choosing servers that are from other countries. I don't want to play always at night time on the game.

For combat logging I agree with you, 20s delay before you can log out. If you're bleeding you can't do it. If you get hit, the counter resets. If another player hit you, you can't log out closer to him and while he is still alive.

In my opinion this will be good for the game. =D

Ra91111 - that sounds like a terrible idea. Example, user goes to Balota, goes into the barracks and finds great loot, starts getting shot at, user realises they are pinned, user logs out, logs back in to find them self in a field away from danger.

The combat log is simple. The user is bleeding, being fired at or has entered combat mode it starts the 30 second timer where the user has to wait to log out. The timer resets to 30 every time the user's combat mode is triggered. They had it in Dayz Mod and it worked well. I am certain they will use the same system. It was also used for preventing log out when being attacked by zeds, if there were zeds in the vicinity then you could not log out. They should keep that in as well to reduce loot farming.

As for sever hopping, this will be cleared up soon as they have already started implementing the structure for private hive giving each server it's own unique data. Different server, different save game.

The only thing to add is that a player can switch off their router during combat, this I have no solution for.

Just put massive zombies in highfield zone muahahaa !

Then take 10sec to delog...

ra91111 added a subscriber: ra91111.May 8 2016, 3:10 PM

a suggestion , not sure if possible - how about being able to logout and login or change the server ot the same spot only in outdoor areas where there is no loot buildings etc . When in towns indoor areas spots etc you can logout with 60 sec timer but when you try to log back in or change the server you will be teleported somewhere outdoor where there is no loot buildings etc .

Currently this is how it works:

  • You find a safe place (a fallacy, there are no safe places in dayz)
  • You assess the surroundings and determine you would most likely stay alive for the next 30secs
  • you press escape and choose exit
  • you are now looking at the main menu.
  • your character is still in game sitting down for the next 30secs.

Sure it might stop combat logging, but essentially it's a mechanic designed to provide free loot and kills for griefers. Dean Hall vaguely suggested that it was designed to prevent server hopping and ghosting. But I can't see how it does.

The way it should happen

Prevent Server Hopping & Prevent Ghosting

  • Switching server(or server group) within X hours of joining current server(or server group) results in you being moved to a random location that is neither near other players or high value loot locations.

The benefits of this are:

  • Loot Hoppers will be facing a far amount of time running to new high value loot locations each time they change
  • Ghosters will find that they are now facing a long trek to attempt their "flanking" manuvure.

The downsides are :

  • Players performing a legitimate server change will find themselves in new locations.
    • However if these server changes are happening after an hour or so then we should probably leave them in the same location.

Prevent Combat Logging

  • You find a safe place (a fallacy, there are no safe places in dayz)
    • ensure you are not in a status of combat.
    • You assess the surroundings and determine you would most likely stay alive for the next 30secs
  • You press escape and choose exit
  • Your character is sitting down for the next 30secs watching a timer.
    • At this point you are only able to stand back up or move your head.
    • Head movement will not cancel the logout timer process.
    • Standing or clicking the cancel button will cancel the logout process.
  • Someone finds you before the timer ends? move and defend yourself. simple. logout prevented.
    • You will then be in combat for the next 60secs.

People claim my idea allows for abuse, but I can't see how.

The common counter argument is:

  • Sit in a building, with only a door way view to your sitting location
  • Initiate the logout timer
  • Wait for someone to come:
    • If no one arrives:
      • let logout timer get to 29secs, cancel the timer.
    • If someone comes, (now here is their crazy logic):
      • Stand-up and defend yourself. (wow, aborted, much combat log, wut?)

There is a group of people that hate the idea that someone logging out can cancel the logout and defend themselves.
The only reason I can think of that someone wouldn't like that is because it means can't catch people in the process of logging out undefended.

GeoffW added a subscriber: GeoffW.May 8 2016, 3:10 PM

Alt+F4, pc crash, internet disconnect, etc the server will not be able to tell what is legitimate crash and what is user provoked. all the server knows is a client timed out.
A solution could be preventing users from logging into a different server then what they were on for 30 min. since in a legitimate crash the user would likely want to rejoin the same server, this would be a problem legitimate players.

Aviri added a subscriber: Aviri.May 8 2016, 3:10 PM
Aviri added a comment.Jan 19 2014, 2:30 AM

Disable Alt+F4, NOT Alt+Tab. I love Alt+Tab for any game.

HL65536 added a subscriber: HL65536.May 8 2016, 3:10 PM

far simpler:
Solution to combat logout: 15 Seconds logout delay (Player stands unmovable)
Alt F4-> Server keeps player 15 sec longer active

Solution to server hopping: fix the loot system so there is no more need
or: limit server switching ability (3 in 20min?)