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Gate structures placed incorrectly!
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Some of the gates in towns like North East Zelnogorsk, and in West Stary. Have gates placed incorrectly, Which then causes players to receive actions that are the opposite/revered, So to open its close, and close is open etc.

Included video footage shows the issue on the gate in West Stary, next to a 'Green Wooden House', which is 30 meters North West of a 'Red Brick House'.


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  • Gate is next to a 'Green Wooden House' on the main road that goes into central Stary from the West. The 'Green Wooden House' is next to a 'Red Brick House' & also has a few 'Damaged Greenhouses' at the back of the 'Green Wooden House' (One with stairs and a fallen over fridge inside).

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This has been fixed.