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Being ejected from a building
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I was at the top floor of a building, in Dubky. I was on the balcony, and I have been ejected in the street, dying...


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Try to go at the same place, and go on the balcony, and go near the end of the balcony.

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Happened to me on balcony in Cherno apartments. And even worse in the stranded ship. I was INSIDE the ship crouched, not moving and in the inventory picking something up. No player next to me, suddenly I am outside of the ship falling down. Dead.

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Same thing occurred to me at Balota ATC tower. I believe I was pushed through wall by a buddy I was playing with.

Yep, I was at the top floor of a 10 floors building. And Ejecteeeed ! Hard fall...
I am happy for not being the only one. ;)

Same happened to me at random location on map. Standing still and having inventory screen open, I was "ejected" or catapult to the sky then slowly falling to the ground and into my death.

Just died from a balcony fall at cherno. As well, ejected. I suddenly floated into air and BAM!

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still happening on version 44.123800

i was standing on a balcony, just taking out a weapon. Glitching through the balcony -> falling -> dead.