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Dropping items on the ground takes forever to spawn
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When you drop items on the ground from your inventory, doesn't matter what kind of item, it takes probably around 1-2 minutes before it actually spawns on the ground. Some people say they "disappear" but I think it just takes a long time for it to spawn. Me and my friend are always having this issue.


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Noopguy added a subscriber: Noopguy.May 8 2016, 3:07 PM

Not sure if its lag or network bubble issue

Ninami added a subscriber: Ninami.May 8 2016, 3:07 PM

I have 100/10 Mbit and I always connect to EU servers so I'm pretty sure it's not on my end at least. No idea what's causing this.

It's not about ping. I could have ping 40 on nearest server, but it takes a random time to object spawn

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 8 2016, 3:07 PM

Yep same here

This is a particular problem for things like medical kits or protective cases where the most practical way to access them is often to drop them.

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dee added a comment.Dec 22 2013, 12:24 PM

Same thing happening to me. And its not latency issue ,because i have 100/100Mbit internet. + I only join on EU servers