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Canteens say full but aren't, cannot refill, and has two different values (damaged, prestine, etc.) when looking in summary
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Okay, so I got lucky enough to find a canteen, the item summary within my inventory bar said pristine but the item summary when I double clicked and hovered over the item inside my actual inventory it said ruined. After drinking out of the canteen, (even though it said full) my thirst was not replenished but the canteen said 0ml in my sidebar, but after looking into the inventory itself it said it had 4ml left. Not only that, but, when trying to refill it I was not given an option whatsoever.


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Find a canteen, put it in your inventory bar, hover over it, then compare what you find to what you see in the item summary in the [TAB] inventory menu. Drink from it, then find some water source to try to refill the water and notice the lack of an option.

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I also could not find the option but once I put the canteen in my hand it worked and I could fill it up.

I've tried holding it my hands but have not been able to refill nor replenish my thirst

It took me a while, it's very possible I just got lucky. As for thirst, I find if I drink from the pump around 15-20 times my thirst is quenched.

Put it in your hand then use the scroll wheel and the option to refill the canteen will pop up on the list.

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