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DayZ seems to overload my DNS(or something)
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Sometimes while viewing the server list in DayZ SA the list will fail to load any servers, subsequently my internet connection always has issues. Anything I'm already connected to such as Teamspeak, Steam, etc will stay connected and work fine. If I try to load a new webpage or connected to anything new it will fail and it takes a while for my connection to start working normally again. This has happened repeatedly since the launch of SA and I am sure it is related to the game and not my internet connection because this issue only happens when running DayZ.


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Play DayZ, whenever the server list fails to load, my connection will have issues loading web pages or connecting to new sources. I'm not as knowledgeable as I used to be on networking, but it's almost the game overloads my DNS or maxes out my available connections.

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Also have this issue on Win7

I have a hunch that it's using all of our available connections, I'm not really sure how to check that though.

Happens to me too. The server browser seems to do this the most. Probably the same thing as in ID 0001340

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Details anyone? Connection speed, router model, modem model, type of connection, nic speed, ISP, DNS IP?

My best guess, get a better router :)

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Even setting Steam settings to Max out at 250 in the server list, this awful bug continues to plague my DayZ experience.

Please fix already.

Hello beardedcap,

Sorry to hear about your trouble. Unfortunately, this is not something that we can fix from our end, but please have a look at the following kb article on Steam: