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Graphical Glitch
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Upon logging in on a US public server, I received this uploaded image on my UI. I had full range of movement, and my squadmates said that I had rendered properly. I have had others in my group of friends say that this happens to them about 95% of the time, and all they do is load into their video settings to make it go away. It may be possible that this is related to the resolution glitch that goes away by accessing the video settings. XFX 6970, new driver set, normal GFX settings. {F28894} {F28895}


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Log in to a saved character.

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Same here, get this when I log into the game or when I go back to the main menu. Like OP says, you can fix it with going to the video menu in the options. Running on an i5, geforce 570, win7 x64.

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I get the same, MSI R9 280x. New driver set. Happens on menu and when first entering the game.

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I got this as well on a GeForce GTX 680 on win 8.1 x64.

Bringing up the inventory fixed the issue and I played for about 5 hours with no issues after that.