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Weird mouse feeling
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Weird feeling with the mouse while looking around, more noticeable inside buildings, it's like there a filter for gamepad activated, like a slight latency or an inertia between the moment i move my mouse and the moment the view move (i got very good fps, and no input lag in menu)

Not to be confused with with the mouse acceleration problem reported here :

But i experience it as well, when i move my mouse too fast it's like it skip pixels or lose tracking, a displacement of 20cm on the mousepad make a 180° ingame but if i move too fast it move only 90° making displacements really hard and the game uncomfortable to play.

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To reproduce, go inside a building and quickly look at left then right,
mouse inertia is more present when looking up and down quickly.

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Turn off VSync and see if that stops it happening

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Yes VSync always off in any game, i should have precised,
but you are right it feels like vsynch on with very bad fps (but i'm sure it's off, i got 80-90 fps on 60hz monitor)
You don't experience this ?
What's your mouse model, DPI, sensi windows and sensi in game please.

My mouse sensitivity ingame is X and Y set to 1
My DPI is 1800DPI for my mouse and windows is halfway on the slider.

Mouse is Razer Deathadder

Oh and you can turn of smoothing by going C:\Users\[Your Profile]\My Documents\Dayz Profiles\[Your Profile]
Open the one that just says your char name (not Vars) and search for mouse and cycle till you get to mouse smoothing and set it to 0 :)

Tested with your setting Sgt.Tabbykatze, sensi windows was already at 6/11 changed 400dpi for 1600 and ingame x=1 y=1 instead x=0.3 y=0.3, mouseSmoothing=0; was already at 0.
And still feel the same for latency and negative accel.

To best see if you got this latency, you can go inside a building in first person view, hold "Alt", look at the wall at your left then move your mouse fast to look the wall at your right and stop net your movement, the view take 1 sec to arrive where you are looking. it's the best way to see the mouse lag i'm talking about.

For the negative acceleration the issue was already reported and even high in the list as i can see with your link @root, that's a good thing, upvoted.

What "root" wrote, that link, I wanted to say it's just an Mouse Acceleration that you can't turn off. Mouse acceleration is when you look around and speed goes up when you continue to look around without stop, it speeds up your viewing as you keep looking around without stop. It's like, If you wish to look to your right, it'll accelerate like a car, from 0 to some sort of speed which makes the feeling that you are looking faster and faster, it gives the sense of realism, but it's kinda annoying and hard inside some close quarter places like rooms, buildings etc.

@smaddeus Yes the link point only to a bug of the accel button in the menu, but i think it's directly linked to the issue we experience in game, we will see.

But about the acceleration you describe i never experienced this in games, generally when peoples say positive acceleration it mean faster you are moving your mouse, farther cursor will travel on the screen.

and negative acceleration mean faster your mouse is moving, less distance cursor will travel

DayZ has negative accel, faster you move your mouse less your view will move in game.
In perfect world it should be 1/1 for mouse/view

Then it's your mouse problem, cause I have the thing when you move your mouse, the cursor moves faster. And 1:1 is slow actually, cause it would mean that you have to move your hand/mouse in the same width as your monitor is. I'm using Razer Diamondback 3G, it's pretty old mouse, but has good 1800 dpi, decent mouse I say. It must be at your end if what you are saying is that you have the second option, that you have slower cursor drag than your mouse speed actually should. Use mouse sensitivity :D

@smaddeus : Well, read the coms here :
I'm not the only one who experience variable sensibility depending on how fast i move my mouse, so i doubt it's on my end. :)

Anyway, this thread is only to report the latency/mouse lag since the negative acceleration was already reported by the guy in the link above.

I suffer the same problem. Vsync is also off (i could clearly see tearing, so i know it really is off).

Input device is a Razer Deathadder 2013, although no special driver is installed (using the standard windows 7 driver).

Acceleration is stuck on, which is why a distance will pan a different angle based on speed mouse is moved.

duplicate issue for

@contemplativity acceleration problem is not the main issue reported.
Read before post please.

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Be sure to set mouse smoothing in the option to zero. That should disable the intertia you are feeling.

For the other thing: "Plus when i move my mouse too fast it's like it skip pixels or lose tracking"
This is normal when looking left/right. The game has a maximum rate of rotation that you can not exceed (That means that you can not turn instantly around 180 degrees or so).
If you move your mouse faster than the maximum allowed rotation speed, the character simply won't turn faster. As soon as you stop the mouse, the character will have only rotated a few degrees.

Try doing this in the up/down direction. This mechanism isn't applied there (so you can instantly look up or down)

I've noticed that zooming with the mouse has a delay that is not there when using the pluss key on the numerical keyboard for zooming the view:

My bug report:

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Please refer to the primary mouse acceleration report at #76