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Invisible, invincible zombies
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Seemingly at random, zombies must be spawning incorrectly. Leaving them without a world model, as they have no visible marks (including shadows.)
They also appear to have no hit boxes, as when i was last attacked, i sprayed my M4 around me, and no shots hit and i continued to be hit.
It is frustrating, combining this with the zombies never giving up the chase, it is practically impossible to live once these are alerted to you.


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From other reports I have read, zombies are appearing invisible after restarts, but these seem to have appeared only when I came into their detection vicinity. I heard no idle noises, only aggravated noises.

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Confirmed for me aswell. They appear out of nowhere and attack you, you dont know they are there until you start to recieve damage, the zombie groans being everywhere makes you ignore it. Knowing if its real or not is impossible.

A friend of mine had an invisible zombie on him that chased us for miles. It kept hitting him when we stopped so we hopped servers to get away from it. He was bleeding to death. Good thing we got out of there when we did.

Same! This has happened i tend to run away and after a while i lose the zombie instead of getting attacked and possible killed.

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i was bleeding and getting hits
there was no status indicating that i was dripping in blood

Happend to me and my buddy yesterday also

Same happened to me, would upload a screenshot but thats kinda hard to do for a invisible zombie -.-

Duplicate of #0000150 and #0000365

This is a duplicate report. Please use the search function before posting an issue.

Refer to 0000150: Invisible zombies for further development or to provide additional information on the issue.

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