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I died. New server next day, was alive again with all my gear.
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Not gunna lie, I would love to exploit the shit out of a bug like this. But it shouldn't be there.

I got shot in Zeleno 2 nights ago. "YOU ARE DEAD". Tossed my toys, walked away from the computer, went and watched The Family (good movie btw).

Next day after work, came back on to play with my mate, jumped on a different, full server, and spawned in where i got shot, with all my gear, and bleeding. Bandaged myself up, got a saline bag from my mate, and I was away ear to ear.


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Steps To Reproduce

Am not sure if reproducable (as I haven't died since), but this is a basic step by step of what happened.

  1. Gather some gear, (doesn't matter what, but I had l33t stuff).
  2. Move to somewhere you'll remember (centre of Zeleno where I was).
  3. Get shot & die (while firing back).
  4. Toss toys.
  5. Sob quietly.
  6. Walk away from computer for the course of the movie "The Family", leaving it on YOU ARE DEAD screen.
  7. Return to computer, quit DayZ and turn it off.
  8. Come back the following day, join a different server.
  9. OMG YES! *Won't be reporting THIS one as a bug*
  10. End up reporting the bug anyway, because #bayta.
Additional Information

I imagine this might be tough to reproduce... It seemed odd at the time. I've died several times before, and had to respawn.


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same thing happened to me tonight because I couldn't respawn from the You are Dead screen.

When I logged off and logged back in I was alive but bleeding.

I just found this is a duplicate bug report. Closing.