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Character breaths hard / panting when zooming in (holding right mouse button) while standing / crouching / prone.
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I will not be moving at all, and instead will be simply viewing the landscape, zoomed-in (by holding down my right mouse button) and my character will start panting, as if they have lost stamina. I have tested this by not moving at all when I zoom, and indeed, I start panting even though I'm not moving at all. Behavior occurs if standing, crouching, and prone.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Log in to DayZ
  2. Hold right-mouse button to zoom.
  3. Player will begin panting after about 10-15 seconds.

Note: I've also observed that my cursor after about 10 seconds will begin moving 1 or 2 pixels randomnly. Very subtle effect, not sure if related.

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WTF, a downvote without any explanation.

WTF, two downvotes without any explanation. Must be an old DayZ mod bug or something.

Downvoted. This is a trade-off feature they built into arma 2 & dayz mod etc to try and stop people from spending hours camping, while zoomed in. The heavy breathing is theoretically supposed to make it harder to breathe. Sorry dude.

Cool, didn't know it was a feature. Thanks for taking the time. Closed.

Not a bug. Works as designed.