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Faulty road signs
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There is a faulty road sign in Staroye and also some misleading road signs at the triangle north west of Komorovo, south east of Pavlovo, south west of Bor. {F28809} {F28810} {F28811} {F28812} {F28813} {F28814} {F28815} {F28816}


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As of Version 0.30.113860,

a sign near Prigorodski (see screenshot "road_sign_prigorodski") shows Cherno and Elektro in the same direction while on this road at this intersection, Elektro is to the left and Cherno to the right.

There is another faulty road signal at the cross roard between Gvozdno and Krasnostav ( in front of the barn): When you came from the south, the Signal say that GVOZDNO on the left ( that's true) but they say KRASNOSTAV is on the right where as normaly is just ahead :)

Gotten lost several times because of this, there are a few on the east side of the map that had me going around in circles for a couple hours, they're out in the sicks, if i find them again i'll post them

At the Polana-Gorka-Berezino Crossroad, the road sign directing to Gorka is incorrect on the side facing Polana. See screenshot "road_sign_gorka_incorrect.jpg"

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Please fix.

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added new screen for ver. 0.32.114557 for the Northern exit of Lopatino, road sign in road.

I have nothing to add, but I want to note that this is absolutely brilliant and everyone who notices one of these should report it. This is what testing should be all about.

Messed up Bor and Pavlovo directions.

Added road sign near Mogilevka. It shows Cherno in the wrong direction.

Yes Please correct the signs. Navigation gets difficult.

damn bandits....

I seen a sign that had two arrows one going <--- "town name" --->

I should have screen shot it..but I didn't..i'll look for it again

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I can't see Attached Files to check the wrong signs already reported, anyway here are mine:

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