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Opening a can in backpack will move the can to the first available non-backpack slot
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Not sure if this is by design or not:

If you open a can that is in your backpack and you have an open slot in your jeans or tac vest, the can will be moved to one of those slots.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Ensure you are wearing jeans or a tac vest with open slots
  2. Use a can opener or knife on a can in the backpack

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I can confirm, but is this intended behaviour?

Felix added a subscriber: Felix.May 8 2016, 2:56 PM

That's how the inventory system works. Not really a bug. Only time an object isn't added to the first available slot is when manually placed with the mouse drag system.

Whether it is a bug or not, this can be quite annoying. I like to organize my inventory and when things get moved around it bothers me.

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Oh noes David.Ross055. You have to drag the item back to your designated spot! WE HAVE A GAME BREAKER LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!

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Duplicate of this

and has been assigned for a fix


thanks for your feedback. This is a duplicate of #2164 (Food Moves to a Different Inventory Slot Upon Opening with Can Opener).

Please use the search function to check if an issue already exists before posting a new one.

Refer to the original to provide additional information on the issue. Thanks.

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