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Unable 2 interact with items
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i can never interact with items on top of "big dressers" no matter how long i run around it i cant seem to get iteraction options.


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walk up and try to interact.

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so far only items spawned on top are clothes

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Also items spawning on the tv stand are inaccessable and floats mid air above the tv bench

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Some of them you can get via first person with the 'pick up item' command, but not all of them, and never with the inventory system.

the issue is the items on top are out of reach try to give locations of the bugged spawns and give screen shots in attach files so they can go in and find them all...or wait till they search for each bug spawn and fix every one individually, sometime after ayearformnowoclock...

So far it has been all spawns in all types of buildings so its not a simple buggy placement but a general bug on all tv benches and all big dressers. Ofc not all of them have loot but those that do are inaccessable in any building type that has tv-becnh and or big dresser.