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Teleportation bug leading into total freeze of game
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I was at NWAF with my friend, north side of the main barracks, behind the wall. We had looted the north side of the AF, and decided to move to stary/kabanino area. We started to run south along the wall. At south-east of the airfield I teleported back to the north side of the main barracks. I couldn't do anything ingame, my character was completely frozen. I waited about a minute just to see if it was a hacker or something like that. Nothing happened, I shut down the game with ctrl+alt+del. I immediately rejoined my friends game through steam and spawned where I had frozen. I started heading back to the same direction (south along the wall), and got maybe 200 meters further than last time before the same thing happened. Same drill, I reconnected after maybe 10 minutes and started running again. Now I got to run for double the "usual" amount before the teleportatin freeze happened.


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Similar thing happened in here, but I got teleported like 500m back.
Here is a video: - ignore the commentary.

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It happened just like in that video, only in different place. Btw changing server helped for me, forgot to mention it in the bug report.

Same happened to me and a friend. I was near NWAF and wanted to go back south, when I was teleported from Zelenogorsk back to airfield and a second time when I wanted to enter Cherno and was teleported back to Balota.

A friend went from Kamenka to Komarovo and was teleported back to Kamenka.

Every time, we could't do anything despite closing the game via the task manager.

Edit: Maybe it is important to say, that it happened on the same server but not at the same time. My friend was able to continue playing while I was teleported, so it does not appear to be a big server lag.

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Yes this happened to me and my friend as well. We both were in the city south of NWAF and were running towards the airfield. We both got teleported back to the city once we were at the airfield and the game froze, ESC wasn't even possible, had to ALT+CTRL+DEL to exit the game.

Same thing except I was down by Skyrim on the coast (Between Cherno & Elektro). Group of 4 of us got teleported back about 1K. We start running again and 3 of us get teleported but one guy makes it to Cherno. 3rd & 4th time 2 of us get teleported but 3rd guy makes it to Cherno.
Have to Task Manager to shut game down each time

s.o. posted this code snippet on reddit, which explains this: (found here:
If your data could not be saved on the hive for some time, you may have moved >1000m and therefore get teleported back and have to restart your game

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Able to reproduce on some servers, not all. Reproduced only with double-tap running. Normal walking and running doesnt seem to trigger this behaviour for me

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This has been reported previously - remember to search before opening new issues.

Closing as duplicate of #0001185: Character teleport to a previous spot

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