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Players body despawns when leaving the server
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If your player dies and you leave the server your body will instatntly despawn.


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Die, wait any amount of time and click exit.

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It is irritating.

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Can confirm, this is a huge problem, my group only gets to loot probably half of the players we kill up north because the other half close the game after they die and their bodies disappear with them.

brodie added a subscriber: brodie.May 8 2016, 2:52 PM

Not only that but if you're unconscious you can't respawn and are forced to leave the server, which automatically kills and despawns your loot.

MrKulta added a subscriber: MrKulta.May 8 2016, 2:52 PM

Yup, and also you get timer after you have died to spawn back so you go and exit from server thus the body dissappears as you try to get back in game. And this sure is huge problem as there is no spawning loots after they have been looted atm. thus we soon have empty server from weapons and such and people fighting with theyr fists! Because there is no more loot to get your hands on. :)

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Can also confirm, when we kill they log out and we never get phat loots!

Gunni added a comment.Dec 20 2013, 6:16 PM

as soon as you log out your body disappears, friend tried to loot me but corpse vanished when i respawned

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Alroc added a comment.Dec 20 2013, 6:23 PM

Yep same here up voted because it's very annoying

Can also confirm, very annoying issue :(

Yeh I managed to Ninja some guy yesterday an had blood pooring out of him after I hit him 30 times with my Axe, I was waiting for him to fall over feeling like a boss then he's body dissapeared, he had really nice gear aswell

This has happened to me about 4 times now

So, you guys all guessed it, bodies despawn when a player leaves/rejoins the server so dont get your hopes up when it comes to looting dead players after a firefight

This should be the first priority bug.

Can confirm this. PvP loot is a race at the moment because you have until the player decides to respawn. When I die I usually wait a few minutes out of consideration but it is a bit unreasonable to expect players to adopt a universal code of conduct.

When a player dies, his/her body should remain until the server resets - or until someone hides the body. This way PvP has more secured significance. Perhaps this is intended, however, for the early stages of the Alpha to reduce item proliferation.

Confirmed. I have only seen 2 bodies today. Even friends disappear when they respawn.

This is a duplicate report and has already been fixed as can be read here:

#2478 (When you kill someone, his corpse will disappear. Can't loot him.)