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List of Bugs I have Gathered on my travel.
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Being able to open Doors on the bottom floor while I am upstairs.

When an Item reaches 0% it will stay in your inventory. Instead of dis-appearing.

Walking through walls in the prison building up at the airports. (Any airport with a prison) (Not tried on other buildings).

While I was unconscious. My friend tried using a defibrillator to bring me back. Nothing happens. Do not know if it is only to be used when dead. If not, it does not work.(The only way we know how to get out of being unconscious is giving me blood)

When we were looting North west airfield zombies we're being aggroed from far up the airfield without firing a gun. (Really far we were at bottom hanger for instance and they were being aggroed as far as the barracks next to the run way)

Can spam drinking from a pump or pond. Without being sick (Not been sick yet what so ever only when I ate rotten fruit)

Items dis-appearing in your inventory then re-appearing after a while. (Usually re-appears when you use or move something in your inventory).

Dropping an item will dis-appear for a while. (Usually have to wait a bit or run out of the room for it to appear)


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Should be easy to do in description.

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You should make one report for each bug. Also be sure to search before posting issues because some of these have been submitted before.

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agreed, separate bug report for each bug.

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For future reports, please submit only one bug per issue.