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rock glitch renders character unable to move
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a friend and i were going to fill water bottles at a pond apporximately 2 km north of the north-east airfield and when we were at the pond it was dark and we managed to get ourselves stuck on the rocks on the edge of the pond. smashing the vault button, rolling and trying to move do not work, our character model seem to be slowly bouncing and then sinking through the floor, only to bounce again.


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head to location, walk on rocks. have not been able to reproduce because my character is rendered useless.

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Fell inside rocks in the hills just north of Guba. I was on grass, up fairly high and attempting to walk up onto a rock. Fell in, now trapped. Can't reproduce until I die and get up here again. Screenshots from inside rock:,A39vegD#0


Sorry to hear about your trouble. In case you still need help getting unstuck, just send me a pm with your Steam ID url, and I'll help you sort this out. Example: ""

Also, please let me know if your character is on a Regular/Hardcore server.

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in one of the recent patch notes it said that all rock models have been replaced, did that resolve the getting stuck issues?

The issue is still present but has been filed internally and is in the progress of being fixed.