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Handcuffs and Handcuff keys duping
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Handcuffs can be used on a player from any distance, the same with the keys. When used from any distance except for point blank, you will recieve the message "Player moved and the handcuffs fell off". When this happens, you keep your handcuffs, and another pair of handcuffs spawns somewhere close to you. The same with the keys while they are handcuffed.


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Get handcuffs, Step 5m away from target, Select "Handcuff" and then wait for the animation to finish, there will be a pair of handcuffs nearby floating. Same for handcuff keys except the target has to be handcuffed.

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This didnt just start with the experimental build, it also works on the public build.

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Confirmed this also works with saline bags on the public build, we were able to dupe a bunch today needs fixing ASAP

We would use item on a player, and then a message saying the player moved (we were close to each other but on a hill) would show up. After this there would be a floating item in the air we were able to pickup, as well as the original item.

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