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When you outrun a zombie it still keeps chasing you
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When i need to run from a zombie i do run really far and out of his sight, anyway it keeps chasing me everytime i outrun them and also it keeps making that zombie noise and it sounds like it is behind you, but on real it is far away and still chasing you


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Reach a zombie and make it follow you. Run and try to make it lose sight of you. Wait and pay attention on the sound it makes.

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Zombie still chasing you ? It is not just a sound ? Sometimes, it doing to me, that i hear zombie sound. But no more zombies behing me or front of me..

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Maybe i was not clear. You see the zombie, you run far from him and totally looses sight. But them you keep hearing the zombie noises and he figure out where you are, even if you are hiden somewhere, or not making any noise at all.

That's so I wanted to say.

Zombies chase FOREVER and run through doors and walls. They also agro from insane distances.

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Sounds like a feature :)