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Unable to cook anything using portable gas stove & cooking pot
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Tried different gas stove (damaged and worn), one pot type (damaged)(but that two different pots), different gas canisters. I can turn gas stove on, can place pot on top of it, but after that cant do anything (fill it with water using water bottle/flask or rice for example.

Gas stove also does not produce any light when working, guess a bug.

I also suggest to create new bug category for any sorts crafting.


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Try to cook anything using these itesms.

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I have tried to cook useing a pot and gas burner, i tried adding food directly to the pot while in the inventory. i tried to add food to pot while on the ground i tried doing this with the pot attached to the gas burner and off the gas burner with the burner on and off. it did not work.

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That's because it doesn't do anything yet.

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They are only half way done with cooking.


Thank you for sending in your feedback regarding this problem.

I'll close the issue, since it is now possible to cook food with the gas stove and cooking pot in the latest experimental build.