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Game freezing briefly occasionally
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On occasion (not sure what the trigger exactly is) the game will freeze briefly for about a second or a bit less.
The freeze seems to occur for all players in a region (maybe even the whole server).


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Unknown. Play for 10 - 15 minutes and it should occur occasionally.

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I noticed the freezes happening but first thought it might be local frame rate drops. But when I asked on Teamspeak if others are experiencing them too it turned out we actually all experienced them synced at exactly the same time. All of us were hanging around close to each other and kept experiencing those "lags" around Chernarus (we made a large tour from the NW Airfield to Stary to Elektro, back up to Berenzino and finally the NE Airfield and those freezes occurred regardless of location).

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I noticed this too and got confirmation from others. However I didn't notice it before the latest patch was applied. The wind speed and direction gets reset while this stutter occurs.

Duplicate of #0001803: "Client stutter"

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