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Falls are lethal from low altitudes
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I just felt from about 3 or 4 meters and just died, not even uncosious. This happened to me 3 times now, really pissed me off, i was well equipped.


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3-4 metets is kinda high if you think about it, but you shouldn't die from it. Brake a leg / get knocked out. Unless your health is low from the beginning.

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Hey come on, I know real people in real life who has felt from those altitudes or more. Where I work, we are always exposed to altitudes, standing on leaders, and if you fall 3 or 4 meter with your legs you dont even hurt yourself. I know a guy who felt 4 metters on his back and didnt broke anything, but had a terrible pain for months. Assuming that our character falls on his feet, it would at least take 5 or 6 metters to just break a leg, but that is just my opinion.

I think, typically, 40 feet is the threshold of certain death. Obviously, this is still greatly influenced by how you land. 3-4 meters is nothing. 13 feet, a little over x2 of normal height, or 1 story. Maybe a small percentage of death, landing improperly and breaking your leg, or being knocked out would be good. The higher the fall the higher chances of consequence.

I'd have to agree, I think a 3-4 meter fall should, at the most, break yours legs. Instant death is a little off. Falling in DayZ (and Arma) is pretty bad, but maybe in the future the team can make it a bit more real, real enough to fall on different places of your body.

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Closing as duplicate of #0002590: Legs breaking too easily