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Possible to put non-medical items into first aid kit
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Whilst first aid kits are intended to only hold medical items (e.g. it is not possible to drag a non-medical item into it while in inventory screen), it is possible to circumvent this if you pick up items directly off the floor and only free slots you have in the inventory are in the first aid kit.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Put a first aid kit with some empty slots in your hands. (Make sure you don't have any other inventory slots available).
  2. Find a loot item in the environment.
  3. Pick up the item using the MMB/F-key (not using the inventory>vicinity).
  4. Item will be placed into the first aid kit and can be accessible as normal.
Additional Information

Have consistently reproduced with small items (1 inventory slot).
Have not tested with larger items yet.

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Which specific items have you put into the med kit?

Drink and food cans.