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Military loot spawns too frequently
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So I fresh spawned on the beach right next to a military airfield place. I spent 10 minutes looting the 2-3 buildings there, and now I am fully decked out with a full M4 and scope, pristine mag with 30 rounds, large backpack, fireman axe, kevlar helmet and combat fatigues. I also left behind another decked out M4, another scope, 2 pistols and at least 2-3 other large backpacks. I think the military loot spawn should be decreased


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The loot frequency depends on server settings.

Felix added a subscriber: Felix.May 8 2016, 2:42 PM

There's also almost no other items in the game right now. Having a high frequency of what little there is isn't really something that can be avoided . . .

Besides, it sounds like you popped out near Balota, the amount of military structures in the area is very high. They seem to be setting this up so that you don't have to run for half an hour to get to decent weaponry.

This will probably be balanced out eventually by that whole area becoming a shooting gallery.

Tansien added a subscriber: Tansien.May 8 2016, 2:42 PM

There is no loot frequency, loot spawns at server startup - PERIOD.
The stuff you left behind will be picked up by other players, and after 30 minutes nobody will find anything at the airfield. It's a bit silly tbh... should be spawned slowly over time.

I think its just plain busted right now?

By frequency I had guessed that it was just referencing % of military gear to non military gear in what does spawn.

Military spawns has a very high number of points where loot can spawn compared to most other buildings, and they're also pretty clustered. But yeah, if you hit Balota with nobody else there to split the loot you're gonna get very nicely geared fast.