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Mouse moves onto second screen.
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While moving my mouse in DayZ, I can move the mouse off my main monitor onto my second monitor even though the game is in full screen. This causes the game to minimize if I accidentally click while the mouse is on the second screen. This happens when I am aiming a weapon, in the inventory system, or in the menu.
Sometimes after the game has minimized in this way and I have brought it back to full screen, the game will minimize every time I click on anything even if I am sure that my mouse is on my main monitor. I fix this by restarting the game.


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Move mouse in direction of second monitor. You can sometimes see the mouse move off the game and on to the second monitor. Click while it's there.

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Thanks for an awesome game and all your hard work!

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I already have this reported here - 0000825

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main akwnoledged issue is here #825

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Thanks for the feedback, however this has already been reported.

Closing as duplicate of #0000825: Bringing up the inventory on dual monitor setup causes mouse cursor to move outside of the game monitor

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