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still possible to spawn in novy sobor
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not sure if bug or feature, but it still happened to me that i spawned in novy sobor.


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respawn, respawn, respawn, with some luck you'll be in Novy Sobor.

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It was my first life in dayz sa.

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Yeah had the same experience. Upvoted.

Pressing "Respawn" and answering the confirmation with "No" will spawn you in Novy Sobor. Tried it out 2 times, both spawned me at the same place. I guess the place is a default spawn but you shouldn't respawn at all if you press "no".

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Agreed I've seen this a couple of times and heard it from others on my teamspeak a lot too.

The Novy spawn was always a bug in DayZ Mod, the point it spawned you at was the very centre of the map (inside a house). In DayZSA it seems this point has moved slightly but its always the same spot when you get it.

In DayZ mod Novy spawns were always related to server performance I assume something similar is occuring in the Standalone currently.

Just happened to me, up voted.

Yea this has happened to me too i think it is a bug and as someone said it is the centre of the map and seen as they have made the map bigger the centre has moved just like the point where you spawn is in the stand alone

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pretty sure that the novy sobor spawn is intended