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Teleport back a few minutes, spinning in place.
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My and my friend joined a high pop server walked from Zelenogorsk to north of the military base under Pavlovo. Once we got inside the fence after a few minutes we were teleported back to just south of Zelenogorsk and our characters are spinning in place and we couldn't logout we had to alt-f4. We guess it was a hacker or something so we log into another server and the same thing happened.


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Not sure if it can, but walking from Zelenogorsk or maby just coming into the military base under Pavlovo from the North results in teleporting. I am to tired to test it again right now.

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Also when we logged back in the second time we login where we were teleported spinning, just south of Zelenogorsk.

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I just got this issue as well- I started in Zelenogorsk and made my way north through Sosnovka and Pustoshka to the military base near Vybor/Kabanino and got reset back 3 times along the way, once back to Zelenogorsk, once back to south of Pustoshka (both along the way) and once back to north-east of Pustoshka almost immediately after I got to the base. Each time I had no control and had to Alt-F4 to get out but one time I was spinning around and looking down slightly so that I ended up spinning around looking at my feet.

Happened to me aswell running anywhere would teleport to random location usually some where to where I had previously been. very frustrating causes the game to crash seems only to happen since the patch.

I get the same thing its the worst

I was running from Elektro to Cherno and whilst I was at Prigorodki, I got TPed back to where I spawned at Elektro and I was spinning around, I had to reconnect too :(

Yep can confirm, happened to me at NW airfield. Most annoying bug ever. It teleports you back a couple KM then freezes your character completely. Game world runs normally, no control over character. cannot esc menu either.

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Guys, it's the problem with connection between server -> cloud (main database).
Probably server is overloaded and doesn't sent your positions to the cloud. Just try to change the server if you looking for instant help ;)

Been happening for a few days now. It happened 3 times on 3 different servers within an hour of playing. Game is unplayable for me now.

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happens to me every time i play now, game is unplayable because of it, i run for 5mins and then it teleports me back and game becomes unresponsive

Happened to me as well a few times in a row between Kamyshovo and Electro. Can't access menu or anything. Also, when I restart the client, my old character still shows up on the main menu.

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happens all the time and it is super annoying

it happens in the same amount of time, like in a 3Min Cycle. Got this 5times in a row

This happened to me and my friends repeatedly while playing on the same server.

Play on a populated server, run on the coast, game freezes, only exit is Alt-F4, then I am back several hundred meters. I run again in that direction reach the place when the first freeze happened and it freezes again. We have to change servers when this happens.

This happens to me way too often. It mostly happens on the East Coast as a fresh spawn since I'm running so much. I have to resort too stopping for periods of time so I don't lose all my progress again and again.

I managed to get around it, guys!
FORCE the server to save your position every 5 minutes or so by RE-LOGGING.
Every time I run a decent distance after encountering this bug, I log out and log back into a different server.
This method has worked on every occasion. I have experienced the glitch walking south/west of Solinichniy.

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Duplicate of #1185