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Suggestion : be abable to check the amount of ammo in the clip.
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No error here, just an idea :

Why not put a similar reloading system like in "No More Room in Hell" ?


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I mean :

Pressing the Reload key reload the weapon in the hand of the character, if he have other mags.

Keep pressing the Reload key, the charater take out his mag from the weapon, check how many bullet he have left, and put it back in the gun, while the amount of ammo shows up in the HUD. (In the game, he also yells how many bullets he have left, but I don't think that's very helpful

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Here, I just think that's a good idea. Hope you like it.

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you know you can check amount of ammo left in mag just by glancing at your inventory?
+ the idea about Dayz was to TRY and limit HUD (inventory not included).

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