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Can't open a can - Receiving...
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I can drink, i can eat food that someone opens for me, but I cannot open cans, it jsut stays on Receiving when I right click it, I tried restarting steam, pc, anything. It worked before and then it stopped randomly in the same session. Other friends can easily open things, tried different slots and even hands.

BTW. I have hatchet, screwdriver etc, still doesnt work


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+1 - my character will die momentarily because of this bug.

Tried opening tins with splitting axe, screwdriver in inventory. Had successfully opened the first tin, but unable to repeat now due to it becoming stuck on "Recieving".

nb. upon trying to attach the battery to the flashlight, the same problem occured so I'm assuming it may be a general "Recieving" issue non-specific to food.

Right-click ? you have to drag items, haven't you asked how your friend does it ? If that's not the case, then a bug definitely, try to change video settings or something, some portion of games have this weird thing that turn something "on/off" or "higher/lower" you can do stuff you couldn't do before, maybe try servers that have lower ping for your connection. It can be latency too.

@mzltv - Maybe your friend network connection is better than yours and that's why he doesn't have such problems. Try to switch some video setting lower, like post processing off or some render options.

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I'm confused you say you're right clicking the can? Because you need to drag the opening item onto the can. Also if receiving is slow then it's a server issue.

I remember seeing someone dragging the can opener on a can and then being able to open it. Still i've been having problems with this aswell

It seems server problem to me. Happens a lot due to lag. Down voted.