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Store ammo in bigger stacks then 30
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If you empty a 40 or 60 bullet magazine you get a stack of 40 and 60 bullets respectively.

But if you try to combine two piles of 20 or 30 bullets it will just swap them.


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Make sure you have no bullets in your inventory.
Empty a magazine that is bigger then 30 bullets.
You will now have a stack with >30 bullets.

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10 slot container with description graphics as 300 round ammo box. It sounds like the 40/60 ammo stacks are the bugged aspect.

Confirmed on last version.

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Confirmed in 114008. Emptying a 60 round magazine of ammo results in a stack of 60 rounds in inventory while combining two stack of 30 rounds is not possible. As reported elsewhere, one of the consequences of this bug is that the 300 round ammo box can be glitched to hold 600 rounds. Please see the this image:

We were able to put 480 rounds of 5.56 and 80 rounds of .45 ACP (total 560 rounds) into a 300 round ammo box. Likely, we could have put 600 rounds of 5.56 in the box had we had that much ammo available. Note that the 300 round ammo box is holding in excess of 300 rounds due to this bug.

As far as I can tell, I can only add in excess of 300 rounds of ammo to the box when this bug is exploited. I haven't found a way to add in excess of 300 rounds of 7.62 or .45 ACP. Only 5.56 due to the 60 round stack bug.

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Closing as duplicate of more popular report