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Cannot walk up stairs fully upright
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Certain stairs (hospitals, apartment buildings in Cherno and new Residential Apartments behind cherno) wont allow you past the first step when you are standing up.
However, if you crouch you can start moving up the stairs and then immediately stand up while continuing to move up the stairs to get to the top.


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go to any of the mentioned buildings, make sure you are standing up and not crouching.
Attempt to walk up the stairs, you should just moonwalk at the foot of the first step.
while still pressing W to move forward, crouch.
You will starting walking up the stairs, as soon as you are, press your stand button to stand up while still walking forward.

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Hi Guyver1,

thanks for your feedback. This is a duplicate of #27 ([Collision] Collection of buildings that make the character stop on stairs or doorways etc.).

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