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Current PvE Balancing
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Current PvE balancing seems too difficult for a number of reasons;

Food and Water deteriorates very quickly

There are too many items

Too few items spawn

Starting inventory is very limited

The chance to bleed when being hit is very high

There is no health indicator (at least that I've noticed)

The text prompts (aside from then they're red and you're losing health, are too vague

Individually none of these are large issues, but put together they make the game experience unenjoyable. Zombies should be dangerous, but getting hit once shouldn't mean you'll almost certainly bleed out. If food and water are rare, they should refill you to full, and shouldn't deteriorate so quickly. If we're suppose to pick up everything we find to create other things, inventory shouldn't be as limited and/or backpacks should be easier to find.


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Personally I haven't found food and water to be so rare. Try going to the Zelenogorck or Elektro grocery stores. You can also find water pumps in every town that you can drink from directly.

I agree with the bleeding system, though. There needs to be something equivalent to the DayZ mod's health meter. Maybe in the tab menu much like with thirst and hunger there can be a "Healthy" meter that changes colors/text.

I hope this "bug" does not get fixed. bleeding happens very easily at first, and this seems like a good design choice. The player is encouraged to loot up - and that means they need to be very cautious at first. The player needs to eat a lot of food and water/drink at first to get to a healthy state. This is also a good design choice.

Currently in the inventory screen you can see different status:

Healing Healthy

etc. Works fine for me.

Yes there are problems - no loot respawing at the moment. That will get addressed in a future patch.

i like the hunger and thirst as it is. i rectify it after every death with a few mins even if im in horrible kemenka.

its not broken, its fine. Loot is enough, i am never hungry nor thirsty nor anything. With a bit of careful playing you can manage to get yourself in a very nice state, regenerate health and not be in trouble too much.

When you spawn in, you're already on the verge of hunger/thirst. Get to a water pump and juice up till you get the stomach full message and you'll be good for a few hours in-game time.

Same with hunger. Eat another couple of cans after the hunger icon goes away and you'll be good for a bit.

As to the items. They'll tweak those to try and get the mix right as we go along. ATM I'm getting more food than I need and water pumps are dotted around the place, so water is also plentiful.

Bleeding is a pain. But, you know that t-shirt you're wearing at the start. Take it off and rip it up into rags. <<- best early survivability tip I was ever given!

As to the indicators. I'm finding it enjoyable enough not knowing how close to death I really am. It would be to easy to do something stupid to get yourself killed whenever you thought you were too close to death to bother doing something that might actually save your life for a while longer.

I agree only on bleeding. I wonder how much you can bleed out by being hit by fists in real life. I think items should go to categories sharp/blunt and blunt ones should not make you bleed or have a really small chance of doing that. Even with baseball bat you can't make people bleed a lot, not talking about fists themselves. On the other hand - if you get shot, knifed, axed or something - you'd definately bleed 100%.

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press forward twice to run away from any zoombies or get an good melee weapon and kill them in 2 hits or a fireaxe and kill them in one hit.