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Refreshing Server Breaks my Internet
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The first time I join a Dayz server it works fine. Upon exiting the server and the server list refreshing automatically, or pressing the refresh button manually seems to really bug out my internet. I can't visit any web page for 2-3 minutes when this happens, and no servers aside from maybe 2 or 3 will appear on my server list, attempting to connect to them always fails. When my internet returns I can join a server normally that is until I leave a server or refresh manually.


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Always happens upon server refresh.

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Seems to only effect DayZ / internet browser functionality. When I lose the internet I can still use Skype normally etc.

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I can confirm this, while refreshing the requirment on internet connection is insane. Until completely finish refreshing I struggle to load webpages.

I'm on a 100mb down 15mb up connection.

Your router is being overloaded by scanning though so many servers at once, effectively bringing it to a halt.

I am unsure if the connection rate can be changed in the game.

A more powerful router will prevent this from happening.

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This also happens to me. I am using my Comcast provided router which also acts as the modem. Upon refreshing the server browser, my ventrilo, streaming software, web browser all disconnect. Even Netflix on the TVs cut out for a few seconds. This seems to determine a complete loss of internet connection while the router sorts through the server refresh. Other games allow you to limit the amount of servers refreshed per second to resolve this. This is not happening with any other game I've played so far.

Same issue as in ID 0001340.

I can confirm this problem.

Still not a single feedback... This shit is serious.