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When swapping servers, character loses all acquired items
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When you swap servers, occasionally your character will reset, which is of course to be expected, as you do reset when swapping to certain servers. However there is a major issue with when you go back to the previous server in which you own items. Your character will reset in the original server, not saving specific gear to that server.


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Acquire any items, swap servers, continue doing so until character resets. Go back to the original server from which you acquired items, and you will be reset.

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Can confirm this. This happened to me as well today.

Yes. Sometimes it happens. I think it's because some sort of package loss sent to central server.
It was reported before - vote up if you had the same issue:

Duplicate of 0000078

It might be a good idea to consolidate feedback and votes on a single copy of this issue so we get maximum visibility on it.

That's the oldest submission, and currently has the most votes. Vote it up and leave notes with your own experiences.

Duplicate of #78 (Character save loss [PRIMARY REPORT]).

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